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Compression Socks | Womens Black Compression Stockings (Sock size 9-11, Ladies shoe sizes 4-11, Men shoe sizes 5-9)

Compression Socks | Womens Black Compression Stockings (Sock size 9-11, Ladies shoe sizes 4-11, Men shoe sizes 5-9)
Price $18.00

The newly released re-design of Sugar Free Sox compression socks includes a microfiber fabric is soft to the touch, has great durabliity and with stay up power. The refined extended toe area is smoother and sleeker while keeping your toes free from the compression. Feel your legs being stimulated as soon as you put these socks on. Sugar Free Sox incorporates department store fashion with the health world benefits like no other and at a very competitive price for a high quality product. Ideal for travel, varicose veins, jobs that require long periods of standing, plantar fasciitis.15-20 mmHg compression, Over the calf length, Fits Ladies Shoe Sizes 4-10. MADE IN USA
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Question Why do my feet still hurt?
After a day of school and exercise, my feet hurt to the point where I can't even stand. I have heard from two doctors that it is NOT Planter's Faciitist. I wear custom orthodics that helped for a little bit but the pain is back again. I was told I have floppy feet. (?) I had two bunionectomies, one just last December, but I can assure you that is not the cause of my foot pain. Where ever my foot touches the ground it hurts. Not the arch, but everything else. There is no spot where there is more pain than the other parts of my foot, it all hurts equally. I have found that if I lay down and put my feet straight up for 20min, it relieves some of the pain for a short amount of time. I am 20 years old and I feel that this should not be a problem for me. I am not overweight, I exercise 5-6 times a week, and I stretch. This has been a problem for over a year. I was told to do yoga....will that work? Should I get another opinion?

Best Answer maybe you have a lot of edema that builds up over the course of the day. I would try compression stalkings, or a foot brace.
Question I want to get rid of my blue spider veins, please help?
They are all over my thighs, and I also have some on my lower legs. They are increasingly painful. My doctor told me there's nothing she can do because they're considered cosmetic, but I went to the cosmetic clinic and they said there's nothing they can do because they're not severe enough to warrant the risks associated with treatment. They hurt a lot! I'm not sedentary; get a lot of brisk exercise every day. Witch hazel creams work temporarily but I'm looking for something long-term. I'm 36 and most of these have appeared in the last five years.

Best Answer Initial management is conservative and includes leg elevation, exercise, and compression stockings. Patients with symptoms or signs of severe venous disease (skin changes, ulcers) not responding to medical management within six months of initiating therapy are candidates for further intervention. There are several types of procedures that can be performed if indicated. I have not seen your legs to determine the severity of your case, but it was determined that you are not a candidate for intervention at this time. Try leg elevation and ask your doctor for a prescription for compression stalkings. Discuss this with your doctor. Good luck to you.
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